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10 Easy Steps to Plan a Solo Trip

10 easy steps to plan a solo trip

Let’s admit, we all love traveling. The spirit of exploring a different place, culture, cuisine, and adventure is a whole new experience. If you have decided to embrace this experience, why don’t you start packing and set yourself out for an exotic destination? But here’s a little problem. You don’t know where to start or what do you need to bring with yourself or how to plan a vacation, especially when you are going solo. This isn’t a problem anymore as here are 10 Easy Steps to Plan a Solo Trip that you should follow before you go on an expedition.

Let’s take a quick look at 10 tips that are going to help you to plan a solo trip:

Get your confidence right – First things first; you are going to travel all alone for the first time. Thrilling, however, but it is intimidating as well knowing that you are all on your own. You need a lot of confidence in you before you go somewhere and have fun. You’d need to look presentable (even if you don’t feel it) and make sure you try to look as local as you can so that you don’t become a target for the wrong people.

Settle on your trip – Now that you are confident enough to travel on our own, it’s time for you to decide where you want to go. Sure, there are many places in the world where you’d find comfort on your solo trip. But the most important thing is that where exactly and why exactly you are going on this trip. Categorize your trip and plan accordingly on the basis of destinations, activities, and interests.

Do a quick check- It is utterly important to check your maps, food & water, guidelines, and schedules all over again before leaving your home or hotel. This makes sure that you are heading in the right direction. Also, plan your day-to-day itinerary in advance which may include your per day trip details, your activities, and the money you are most likely to spend.

Create a bucket list- It’s an important thing to do. Make sure you have made your bucket list of things to do, eateries, your activities, etc. If you have planned it already, you don’t have to mess up and do it all again because you have it all sorted out. Also, it is highly recommended that you are strict on your accommodations, vaccines, itineraries, bookings, insurance & visas, and money. If you have all these things fixed, you’ll have a great vacation.

Notify someone at home- A solo trip is a confidence in itself, but it is mandatory that you have it all informed to somebody closer to you at home, be it your friends or family members. This is just meant for the safety purpose.

Budget planning- You know your destination and you know how many days you’ll spend there. But the real question lies on your budget. Beforehand, try saving money for your trip. Try estimating the cost of your accommodation, food, traveling or backpacking, luxury or modesty, etc. The best way is to get a guidebook or try out various package deals.

Pack only the things you need- You are going on a solo trip, so you don’t need to carry large suitcases for your voyage. You should simply take only those things that are important to you. You don’t need your x-box while you travel, however, you may carry your iPods with you. Keep less clothes and valuables with you. Keep your passport, money, visas, and other necessary items in check.

Beforehand reservations- If you wish to save on your trip, it’s better to book your accommodation and transportation in advance. Do it a month before or so. You may find some great deals online and you can book accordingly. There are chances that your on-the-spot bookings may not work.

Enjoy- The best part of your solo trip is that you are alone and you don’t have to wait on someone. You can totally enjoy your trip without constantly worrying about anything on this planet, because that’s why you have planned your trip solo.

Relax- There is no need to be afraid of a new place. You are here to explore it, so you explore and relax. Smile and stay confident. It’s just one trip and there are more to come. Just try to blend in, relax a bit, and stay watchful.


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