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Arch Roamright Travel Insurance Plans and Reviews 2019

Arch Roamright Travel Insurance Plans and Reviews 2019

We regularly Post Arch RoamRight customers to provide us with travel insurance reviews 2019. Our most recent reviews and plans are shown below.

Arch RoamRight is an international travel insurance company. This company was established in 2012 by the Arch insurance company. Arch Company is the A+ rated insurance company in the market of insurance. RoamRight has quickly grown and become a trusted name in the travel insurance industry. The headquarters of the Arch RoamRight Company is in Maryland.

Arch Roamright Travel Insurance Plans and Reviews 2019

The company offers travel insurance plans for all kinds of trip domestics as well as abroad trip. The company insurance plans are for all kind of it not matter if you are traveling in single or a group of people. The Arch Insurance Company underwrites all insurance of this company.

Their plans provide all type of coverage during the travel they include coverage for trip delay, loss of luggage, any medical expense during travels, accidental death during the trip and many more things are cover in the insurance. Almost in the insurance, they cover all the, and they have an additional upgrade in the insurance plans available such as the cancellation for any reasons, injury during sports, accidental death and many more add-ons are available.

This company has many travel insurance plans you can choose according to your budget. There is a pro plus plan Feature Company says that you can take $50,000 in Emergency accidents and sickness medical expenses $500,000 for emergency evacuation coverage. The company offers if you are an adventures person and going for adventure tour then you can upgrade your pro plus plan and then it also covers all the Hazardous sports such as bungee jumping, skydiving and many more. For more information, you can check their website too.

Why you need travel insurance?

Some people think that travel insurance is the waste of traveler. Generally, people ignore travel insurance on their travel tour and say that it is an unnecessary waste of money. The people realize the importance of travel insurance when they are in trouble on their tours. Many problems can occur during the travel such as losing the backpack, lousy climate, terrorist attack and many more.

Let’s take an example that if you have gone to a tour and you fall ill at that situation you need to stay extra days and extra money will expense, and it may you get out of money if you have taken a limited money with you and let’s consider you have a travel insurance then all the other expense from doctor check up to per day stay charge will be given by the travel insurance company. So, travel insurance must be considered an essential part of the tour.

RoamRight Travel insurance packages

Many people worried about their travel tours if they have pre-existing medical issues, but after taking Arch RoamRight plans you can enjoy your tours without any stress. If you are carrying a child whose age is less than 17, then it will be added to the insurance plan without any additional cost. There is the best customer service of 24/7 phone assistance service when you are traveling.

There are basically three plans offered by the RoamRight insurance company

1) Essential Plan

Essential Travel Insurance Plan


In essential plan is the most basic or you can say most economical plans as compared to the other insurance plans of RoamRight Company. In this plan, your baggage protection is there in case of lost or delayed during the trip.

The plan does provide you with a good level of medical coverage as compared to the other plans of the company. The company promises to pay $15,000 for any sickness and emergency accidents. It’s a second insurance plan that means you need any other primary health insurance.

In case of baggage loss company gives you a refund maximum refund is available that is $750. In case of baggage delay in your trip company offers you $200 claim in case of delay of more than 24 hours. If we talk about the medical section, then the company offers you $15,000 as a medical limit.

2) Preferred Plan

Preferred Travel Insurance Plan

Preferred Plan is the mid-range plan of Arch RoamRight insurance company. In this plan covers all the options that are not available in the Essential plan and this plan is more features as compare to the Essential plan of RoamRight company. In this plan, there are several things added which is not present in the Essential plan of RoamRight company like cancel for any reason(not in all states), cancel due to work reason, rental car damage coverage and many more.

The Preferred plan covers many insurances likes baggage protection and medical benefits during travel. The travel medical coverage is more than the Essential plan. This plan also offers a pre-existing condition plan that is not offered in the Essential plan.

This plan also covers accidental death which is not offered in the Essential plan. In case of baggage Loss Company pay claims of $1000 maximum. For baggage delay more than 12 hours $300 maximum. The medical limit is $50,000.

3) Elite Plan

Elite Travel Insurance Plan

Elite plan is the highest range plan of Arch RoamRight insurance company. In this plan, it all covers the holes of Essential and the preferred plan. It has the highest coverage expands offered in both the above two plans of RoamRight company plans. This plan differs in many ways from the above two plans because in the above two plans there is no option of add-ons in your plans or they don’t have many options as compare to Elite Plan.

The elite plan offers also the coverage the sports coverage that means if you fall ill during the sports than the company take care of that. This plan also covers Hazardous sports injuries too but the above two plans don’t cover this option in their plans. It also has the maximum coverage of losing the luggage’s, medical problems during the travel and many more.

In the Elite plan in case of baggage loss company gives you maximum coverage of $2,500. In case of baggage delay company gives you maximum coverage of $500 when there is a delay of more than 12 hours. The medical limit of Elite plan is also high as compared to the other two plans. The maximum medical limit is $50,000 for any medical help during the trip. It has a medical evacuation of $1,000,000 in the Elite plan.

Arch Roamright Travel Insurance Plans and Reviews 2019

Before getting to the review section let’s talk about the sales of the company from the company has sold more than 7700 on an average of monthly sales of 475. The review of the Roman right company has rated more than four stars out of 5 you can say that it is an excellent rating for a company. The company claims that if your luggage is stolen then the company take care of that and the company does they give you money of your luggage and that’s all that the company does.

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The RoamRight insurance is really worth it they solve each of the choirs in some cases they ask for the paperwork but its rare situation. If you have any claims regarding your tour then company actually pay for that. What the company promises according to their terms and condition it gives you refund without any choirs.

RoamRight customer service

The customer service is really good of the RoamRight company by analyzing many reviews on many websites the customer service is rated 4.5 out of 5 and that’s really a very good review and this review has done by more than two thousand people. They quickly responded to their claims and choirs and that really a definite point of a company.

The customer service is outstanding they have high knowledge team in the Roman right company and solve the problems quickly and accurately. So at last company customer service is impressive they solve each of the choirs of each of the claim and they have very high knowledge staff that solve your choirs as fast as they can.

RoamRight claims

Now let’s talk if anything happens on the tour does the company actually pay for this? Many people claimed that company not giving a refund when the flight are canceled as we have said in the above article company gives you refund according to the their policy but some people not getting refund in their trip and when they ask they say it can be canceled due to hospitalization and company not giving refund to their customers when flight cancellations due to hospitalization.

It has been seen that company ask for a lot of paperwork but they get their refunds by the claims and that’s not good that if any person comes to claim and you are asking for a lot of paperwork to get their refund its company responsibility to solve the problem as fast as they can.

The company takes almost ten days to give the refunds when you claim for some cause after the paperwork and all the verification done by the company.

As after analyzing of many reviews we have concluded that the company is not fraud it give you the refund if you place any claim the money come to you as a thorough check in many cases and it will come to you within 10 days but before getting refund you have to do paperwork that is a little bit problem work nut after all thing verified you actually take your refund.


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