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5 Desert Safari Tickets Gateway To The Mesmerizing World

Desert Safari Tickets Gateway

5 Desert Safari Tickets Gateway To The Mesmerizing World – Are you aware of the thrill of desert life? Your answer may be yes or no. But you will definitely not aware of the lifestyle of the desert unless you are a native of the desert. Have you ever heard about the mysteries of Arabian Nights? You might be listening but you will never believe. We have a tool which can take you to the actual mysteries of Arabian Nights. This tool is known as Desert safari Tickets an ultimate gateway to the mesmerizing world of Desert life with a lot of amusement thrill and adventurism.

Desert safari group will make your trip flourishing. Tickets are available for multiple events including Morning Safari, Evening Safari, and our specialty Night safari. All these packages are completely customized and designed for the enjoyability of you and your loved ones. We will manage a great dessert party for the sake of the thrill and feel of life in the desert.

The feel of royalty which holds by the natives of desserts. The luxury they feel you will also experience. This is our duty to make your trip Unforgettable. Just buy the tickets and be part of the journey.


Adventure Desert Dune Drive:

Driving a 4×4 on the high and low dunes of Dubai desert will definitely a memorable experience. Drifting and thronging the sand over the area by heavy wheels of 4×4 will make you thrilled. Different duration’s of this drive is available in the package while on demand the duration will be increased on a very minimal cost.

These Suv’s will pick you from your destinations or terminals according to the plan and package. And driving overbroad and clean highway network of highways our skilled drivers will reach stretched sand dunes of Dubai desert where you can witness the real feel of Arabian Peninsula.

Camel Ride:

Camel is a vital animal and an essential part of an Arab’s life. Classically camels are the lifestyles of Arabs but in nowadays with modern means of communications and transportation camels become a showpiece but they are still alive style of Arabians. And whenever you visit Dubai desert you must take a classy ride on the back of a camel and feel the influence.

We provide you once in the lifetime chance of traveling with such an elegant animal which acted lifesavers of the desert natives for thousands of years.

Sand Boarding:

Usually, you think that the surfing is done only on the waves of water but in Dubai, you will find the chance of boarding on the dry sand dunes of Dubai desert. Sliding from the top and reaching the root of dune without falling down is a challenging task for you. Our experienced and well-mannered guides will guide you about the safety and basic skill of sand boarding.

Desert Safari Tickets Gateway

You can make out with your friends and love ones with the sand of Dubai. Sliding and slipping on the sand of Dubai will make you feel good and enthusiastic.

Belly Dance:

Traditional dance of Arabs known as belly dance is the most demanding and cherish item of our desert safari. Beautiful and charming girls when moving their bellies on the traditional music of Arab and the melodious symphonies of Qanun, Daf and other traditional precautions from ancient Arab. Girls dressed with traditional bedlah make your eyes mesmerized and make your life a high on heed.

Night Camp:

After full day excitement and travelling, you need to get rest. But where? It is a valid question raised in the mind of yours. We have a great answer for you, A “NIGHT CAMP”. Clear horizon, silent surrounding and sand dunes. Is it not a perfect stay? Definitely, it is. We will provide you best camping site with luxurious services layered with stunning surprises.

Multicultural cuisines including in your package. Night bonfire and traditional rituals will mesmerize you and make your trip a tremendous memory for your lifetime. Besides this all, you will witness the culture and tradition of Arabic Hospitality along with food music and Dance.

Beautiful Girls wearing bedlah moving their bellies on the mesmerizing symphonies of daff and qanun will hypnotize you. You will start believing the myths of Arabian nights.

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