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Essentials of Travel to Munich Oktoberfest 2019

Travel to Munich Oktoberfest 2019

Essentials of Travel to Munich Oktoberfest 2019 – is only a few short months away and enthusiasts from all over the world are preparing to make their way to Munich to take part in it. The celebration attracts millions of people from around the globe and unites them in their love of festivity, love and of course beer. If you plan to be one of the attendees of Oktoberfest this year, then you need to know how to get there and make the most of the experience.

We have prepared a brief travel guide with essentials of travel you need to know for this year’s Oktoberfest. Make your trip to Munich a memorable one by following these tips and make the most of this year’s Oktoberfest.

Dress in Traditional Lederhosen & Dirndl Dress

You can’t attend Oktoberfest in just any attire. The traditional men’s Lederhosen and dirndl dress for women are essential to complete the celebrations. Even on the way to Munich and especially inside the city, you will see men and women wearing Lederhosen heading towards the Oktoberfest grounds. It would make you feel like a fish out of the water if you miss the opportunity to dress up in Lederhosen for Oktoberfest.

Travel to Munich Oktoberfest 2019

The best quality Lederhosen is sold only in the Alpine region of Munich; however, you can also order Lederhosen for sale online from the Lederhosen Store. Locals appreciate tourists who wear Lederhosen made with genuine leather since it shows their appreciation and understanding of the Bavarian culture.

Lederhosen Store

Pack Accessories with Lederhosen

When traveling to Munich for this year’s Oktoberfest, you want to do your best to feel like one of the locals. As such, you are going to require a few accessories along with the Lederhosen. From classic brown Lederhosen shoes that complement the outfit to vintage 2-way flip dirndl dress apron, all accessories add to the aura and style of Lederhosen and dirndl dress. You can even purchase accessories such as traditional Bavarian shirts to wear under Lederhosen for women.

Use Hard Shell Suitcases for Packing

Once you have bought your Lederhosen and the accessories to go along with it, you are going to need a safe place to keep them. The Lederhosen does not come cheap, which is why you want to protect it from any damage during the travel. Your best bet is to pack the Lederhosen and especially the dirndl dress in a hard shell suitcase since it is more delicate and prone to damage.

You can also pack the traditional German dirndl dress in your hand-carry luggage so that you can personally look after it at all times. However, you choose to pack your Lederhosen, just be sure it gets to Munich in its original state. After all, creases can be ironed out but damage to the leather cannot be fixed.

Make Booking in Oktoberfest Tents for the Main Days

There are 16 big tents and almost 20 small tents in the Oktoberfest grounds in Munich. Each one has a special atmosphere and serves a particular kind of food and beer. When traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest, be sure to make an advance booking in the main Oktoberfest tents, such as the Schottenhammel – Festhalle beforehand. This is especially necessary when traveling with a group of friends bigger than 10 people. This will allow you to get inside and find seating at the main tents on the main days without hassle.

Since Oktoberfest spans almost three weeks, so there are certain days when Oktoberfest is in high gear. One of them is obviously the opening day and is considered to be one of the main days. You would be hard pressed to find free seating in the main tents on the main days, which is why advance bookings are recommended.

Get Advance Booking for Your Hotel Room

The same rule applies to hotel rooms in Munich. During Oktoberfest, millions of tourists from all over the world flood into Munich and accommodation become scarce. You would have to pay ridiculously high amounts to find accommodation in a hotel room during the peak days of Oktoberfest. As such, it is advisable to make a booking for a hotel room close to the Oktoberfest grounds ahead of time.

This would save a lot of cost, anxiety, and panic in the later days when thousands of people are scrambling to find a place to stay in Munich while attending Oktoberfest. The closer your hotel to the Oktoberfest grounds, the higher would be the charge but it would be worth having a room within walking distance when you’ve been on your feet singing and dancing all day.

These were just some of the essential travel tips to make your journey to Munich for Oktoberfest 2019 easier. Be sure to check out the most affordable travel options before setting off to save time and money.


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