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You Should Experience Explore England And Scotland At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why.

England And Scotland

Welcome to to the real world people real travel experiences now we get to join Ozzy tour groups traveling to some of the world’s most amazing destinations, and there’s something special for Ozzy’s about the United Kingdom.

Well, this week we are a guest of evergreen tours on their Britain and Ireland explorer but before we hit the Frog and Toad let’s check in with the two of the world Big Five.

culture abounds on this tour including the Edinburgh Military Tattoo British cuisines back in favor, but pub bangers and mash will do me there’s more history on this tour that you can poke a black pudding at shopaholics London is your oyster, and a luxury coach sounds like a very relaxing way to travel.

Our tour starts in London we travel up to Stratford-upon-Avon the birthplace of the Bard on to medieval York then Edinburgh Inverness and Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands before we say goodbye in Glasgow the tour continues to Island.

Now if like me you’ve always dreamed of visiting the United Kingdom then this tour is a fabulous way to do it there’s more to see and do on this small island than perhaps anywhere else in the world and all the key sites along the way are included in the tour going to need it to a guide now shakespeare’s birthplace stratford-upon-avon just give us a little overview of what happens here.

Okay it’s one of the the must do obviously Stonehenge Trafford Windsor Castle everybody has to come to here and it’s just so much here but the problem is it gets so busy so you need to pick up the little gems that you want and for us we go to the birthplace because it’s a guide yourself tour dingo your speed to stay as long as you want in any particular, ooh if you go to Anne Hathaway’s cottage, for example, we take you through in groups and that’s not the same if you want to take pictures as too many people there and so on so a little bit about Anne Hathaway because I believe she was the older woman you know as soon as the Joan Collins of the Middle Ages was quite young yeah.

If he was a young lad innocent young boy of eighteen when they got married she lives out basically shut ur e we’re going to go there in a while it’s about three miles from the city centre well that was a distant land in those days people could live and die and never go more than three or four miles from home so she was an exotic made from distant parts entry to the birthplace of the bard is included on this tour over 500,000 visitors come to stratford-upon-avon every year and there’s a Shakespeare par boutique and bistro on every corner but it’s all part of the fun.

what is the best time to visit Lee became the way things are at the moment it’s very difficult to predict you had a beautiful February I would normally say April into May is the best time all the flowers arrive before they’ve had a time to die off and be replaced but the tourist centers are very very good now on if you look around you’ll see all the gardens everywhere and we do try to maintain that so there’s no bad time to come but the best of all early spring why did you choose because I haven’t been here before I figured that somebody that knows where to go and what to see is going to be a basis for if we come back again as you know it’s all over that everything to it and you can pretty much yeah.

They know the good spots we go so they take you there and lease you you’re getting hitched out on everything pretty much in the use this is a as a fall back on when you come on time to cover off a few of the basics accommodation on this tour is exceptional all hotels are centrally located and offers superb amenities now when you check in there’s time to enjoy a light refreshment in the lounge while your bags are taken up to your room.

They’re also brought down again in the morning every effort is made to ensure your stay is a comfortable one including free Wi-Fi at many hotels travel on this tour is by luxury coach I’m traveling with around 30 fellow aziz and there’s plenty of space the coach is clean and comfortable with reclining seats the large windows are perfect for traveling through spectacular scenery like the stunning Glencoe in Scotland there are plenty of breaks along the way and we’ll get to know more of my fellow passengers as the tour progresses now if you’re looking for a little extra pomp with your ceremony then you have come to the right place nobody does it like the UK as you’ll discover on this tour but if you think it’s all stuffy stiff upper lips think again even the world-famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo has a bit of a twist the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has been wowing audiences since 1950 and it’s an included activity on this tour for departures in August this annual spectacle of military pipe bands and drummers Highland dances colorful kilts and precision marching is absolutely spectacular it’s a friend you’re in the hot seat next to me we’re getting to know each other as we travel along it’s good fun is it is good fun now why did you choose this trip my friend Beryl wanted to go to the tattoo and when we decided to look at magazines evergreen was the one that took us to the tattoo is so here we have the tattoo is just one of the attractions in Edinburgh at this time of year there’s another big show in town the Edinburgh Fringe there’s plenty of free time in Edinburgh to experience some of the fun of the world’s largest arts festival just by strolling down the Royal Mile where hundreds of performers try to entice audience members to their shows it’s an amazing atmosphere and like the tattoo it happens each year in August a visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia in Leith just north of Edinburgh is an included activity on this tour launched in 1953 and decommissioned in 1997 it’s now one of Scotland’s most popular attractions visit the living areas bedrooms and dining room on board Her Majesty’s office is particularly popular to see more of the royal family and many other famous faces up close pay a visit to the National Portrait Gallery in London during your free time from actors and Poly’s to members of the royal household past and present this collection is a fascinating display of British popular culture and now it’s time to try and spot a famous Scott who’s much more camera-shy well here we are on the banks of the legendary Loch Ness I have my special Scottish hat on to celebrate now no sightings of the Loch Ness monster thus far although I’m told they increased after a couple of drams of the local drop not that I would know anything about that but we will keep our eyes peeled a visit to Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands is one of the highlights of this tour and entry is included to beautiful aircard casts now this is where the majority of Nessie sightings have occurred and thanks to our tour guide Phil it’s our lucky day now they say it’s always good to do a little pre holiday research and I am here in my hometown of Melbourne at the Sherlock Holmes pub in colon Street to test-drive some traditional English fare now from bangers and mash and fish and chips to delicious desserts like spotted dick and bread and butter pudding that looks amazing thanks Gary I think this tour is going to be very tasty let’s take a look British cuisine has come a long way but it’s still the old favourites that are the best value for us tourists and thankfully there’s a barber on every corner serving up delicious hearty fare a full daily breakfast is included on this tour but take the time to try a delicious morning coffee and pastry from any of the amazing patisserie springing up across the country a number of dinners are also included though I’m not so sure about this next item on the menu now I’m told that the only thing better than haggis is last night’s left over haggis no he did actually enjoy a Highland hagas feast last night as part of the tour there wasn’t quite enough Eggers to go around so I volunteered to give up my share but luckily for me my tour guide phil has located some more for me today so it’s time for me to give it a try right here on Loch Lomond now haggis is Scotland’s national dish its sheep’s hearts stomachs lungs brains mashed up stuffed into a sheep’s stomach bag they are really selling it to me here it is give it a try right now you know it looks delicious I’ll take a little bit there actually you know what it’s not too bad but my advice is don’t think about what you’re eating think happy thoughts happy thoughts now the shambles is one of the most visited and photographed streets in the whole of Europe it’s a great spot for a little bit of browsing in the shops you’ve got handmade chocolates you’ve got toys souvenirs some of the shops date back to the 1400s and here you have the York sausage shop and I think there’s a pork pie with my name on it literally these are personalized for five now we’re passing through the central scottish highlands which is about a scottish as you can get spectacular blends crystal clear mountain streams castles and of course single malt scotch whisky and it would be rude to come all this way without trying a dram off the local drop here at the Glenlivet distillery which has been producing single malts since eighteen and twenty four yes it is a hard job but somebody has to do it time to check out another Scottish delicacy alright now I only thought that these existed in urban myth but actually they do exist this is a specialty of Scotland it’s the deep-fried Mars bar and it looks absolutely disgusting let me just take a little wider really the brooding hilltop fortress of Edinburgh Castle offers amazing views over the city and is included on the tour there’s plenty of time to explore the castle which has served as a home to Scottish royalty and to defend Scotland against various invading armies for several centuries the castle is now Edinburgh is biggest attraction and home to the Scottish crown jewels so many places we’ve been to that I have traveled to with my sister in the vehicle or on our own I’m finding little chip bits that Phil tells us and things that we learnt yesterday in Edinburgh that’s my fourth trip to Edinburgh but things that I hadn’t heard before I think it always pays to have a tour guide because there’s things you sometimes don’t hear in or read in the books now there are literally hundreds of historic homes to explore across the UK including the ever-popular Chatsworth House which was featured in the 2005 film of Pride and Prejudice Chatsworth represented mr. Darcy’s home of Pemberley in the film which also featured one of Chatsworth’s most famous artworks the veiled Vestal by Raphael Monti entry to Chatsworth House is included on this tour and there’s plenty of time to explore the house inside and out the collection of art period furniture and sculpture is amazing York is a chance to literally step back in time to medieval England and with an overnight stop here there’s plenty of time to explore including a guided City walk don’t miss the chance to step inside the wonder of York Minster Cathedral or explore the winding cobbled city streets there’s something to discover around every corner scottish history comes to life at the magnificent school palace the side of the crowning’s of scottish kings for several centuries the grounds are magnificent and include a replica of the Stone of Scone where the Royal coronations once took place including that of Robert the Bruce in 1306 meanwhile I take the chance to meet some of the locals who are also very popular with the tourists the history lesson continues zebra a B and the house of Mary Queen of Scots along with a stop at the remaining ruins of Hadrian’s Wall how would you like to win an amazing Touring package well here’s your chance from two of the world this fabulous prize includes a one thousand dollar voucher towards a tour for two people from evergreen tours a world of discovery a stylish set of three Drive light luggage cases from antler the champions of lightweight luggage a selection of go travel products to help you get the most from your travel experience and immense holiday wardrobe to the value of $500 from uberman contemporary urban looks and uncompromising quality just tell us in 25 words or less where you’d like to – a – and why visit two of the world.com au now Napoleon once said that Britain was a nation of shopkeepers and sometimes it can feel like the whole world is right here doing its shopping if you want to shop till you drop on this tool here’s just a snapshot of what’s on offer for shopaholics with a big budget London is the place to be so use your free time wisely and heads straight for the shopping makers of Oxford Street Regent Street and Savile Row for luxury goods fashion labels suits and a whole lot more now for gifts that won’t break the bank there are handy souvenir stands dotted across the city now it’s a long flight to the UK you’ve come all this way and you want to see and do as much as you can but sometimes you just want to sit and relax and take it all in well London’s green spaces are an excellent spot for a well-earned breather and the ideal place for a bit of celebrity spotting and there are plenty of other opportunities to relax on this tour including a fabulous cruise along the bonnie banks of stunning Loch Lomond.


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