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The Top 15 Locations To Visit In 2020

The Top 15 Locations To Visit In 2020

The Top 15 Locations To Visit In 2020 – We’re only halfway through the year, but you’re already dreaming of winter sun in 2020? The new year isn’t as far away as we’d like to believe and with it comes new destinations that will fast become travel hot spots. But where are they are why should you see them? In this article, MyBaggage.com give you the low-down on the top 15 locations to see in 2020.

Saudi Arabia

Not a destination you would often associate with a holiday, but Saudi Arabia is finally opening itself up to tourism. This destination has been untouched from tourists, except those who make the annual Hajj religious pilgrimage to Mecca.

Saudi Arabia is relaxing its attitudes towards western tourists, with plans to allow them to obtain visas in Summer 2019. The country is seemingly trying to change its image by ending a 35-year ban on cinemas, shopping centers, and women to finally to vote and drive.

However, if you are a history buff, then you have to put Saudi on your list. The country offers exceptional historical sights to rival that of Jordan’s Petra. If you are after a new, exciting country to explore before tourism takes off, then this is it.

Faroe Islands

Forget the crowds in Iceland, your next Nordic destination is the Faroe Islands. These tiny Danish islands are going to be a hugely popular destination, offering breath-taking scenery, as many hiking trails as you can handle and plenty of wildlife you’ll need to make it your next northernly destination.

Often described as what Iceland used to be like before the tourism boom, these Islands won’t stay secret for long. They are harder to reach than your average destination, but this means it is mostly an unknown destination that you can enjoy before the masses catch on.


Chile is often described as the Switzerland of South America. This country is a paradise for anyone seeking nature, outdoor adventures, and colonial architecture. Boasting a stable government, high literacy rate, and a blossoming capital city, this country in South America should no longer be overlooked for its neighbors.

Enjoy the Andes Mountains to the north and Patagonia to the south, this country offers up lakes, volcanoes, stunning beaches and glaciers you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Due to its location, it hasn’t been explored as much as other South American countries. The secret won’t last for long, however as the country is opening up to tourists with the availability of direct flights from London making it one of BA’s longest long-haul flights available.


Iran is often not considered a tourist destination, but it should be. Explore the ancient ruins of Persia, plenty of UNESCO World Heritage sites and the Grand Bazaar in Tehran. The country offers incredible cuisine, friendly locals, and has a real desire to attract tourists.

However, it is essential to note that you will have to abide by strict Islamic dress codes while visiting and that although this has relaxed in recent years, women must cover their heads at all times. Your tour guide will be able to let you know about the rules and regulations for visiting, and there currently are some extra steps when it comes to obtaining a visa if you have a British or American passport.


I mean, why wouldn’t you want to visit Egypt? This country has always been a tourist destination thanks to the Pyramids, but after unrest in 2015 tourism numbers sank. There has been a steady increase as the country has begun to have relative stability. In Cairo, they will be opening the Grand Egyptian Museum in 2020, dedicated to everything Ancient Egypt. Costing a billion dollars, this museum will use the latest technology, including virtual reality, to help you travel back to the days of the Pharoah.


Uruguay is a small South American country that is often overlooked. This means that you will get to enjoy its beauty without the crowds of western tourists. The safest country in South America, Uruguay boasts scenic beaches, welcoming locals who will instantly become friends, peace and quiet, plenty of countrysides to explore and a chilled-out capital city Montevideo, that will help you get away all your troubles.


Mongolia is a country steeped in history and tradition. Referred to as the land of the blue sky, you can experience a completely unique way of life and explore this country before tourism and technology start to change the nomadic way of life. Stay in Mongolian yurts with a nomadic family, explore the Gobi Desert on horseback and take in the sights of the new bustling capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

This country is energetic, vibrant, and unlike anywhere else in the world. The traditional nomadic way of life is still upheld by 25-40% of the population, so there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in traditional Mongolian culture. If you really want a unique experience visit during the National Nadamm Festival, held every summer, this festival showcases traditional Mongolian pastimes of wrestling, archery and horse racing.


Oman only started allowing tourists to visit in the 1980s and because of this, the tourism industry hasn’t fully taken off. The country has many things to offer from beautiful architecture, peaceful oasis, and unique cultural heritage that is solely found in the country. Explore the souks, chat to the welcoming locals and unwind by a wadi oasis, and tuck into some dates. If you’re after a Middle Eastern experience like no other, Oman is the place to be.


Move over Croatia, it’s Montenegro’s time to shine! This little country often overlooked for its northern neighbor has much to offer.  Enjoy breath-taking beaches, idyllic coastal towns, the beautiful Bay of Kotor and alluring nature. With fewer tourists, you have more room to explore Montenegro without the crowds.


Colombia has reinvented itself from its troubled past. The days of drug cartels and high crime rates are now behind it, and it is fast becoming a popular destination in South America. Offering a beautiful Carribean coastline with pristine beaches and a laid back vibe, eco-tourism, and tours to the rainforest and the Andes Mountains, this country has something for everyone to explore. Stop off at the bustling capital Bogota to enjoy some salsa and explore the colorful houses of Cartagena. This country is waiting to be rediscovered, just don’t wait until it’s too late and becomes the next Peru.


Often overlooked as a holiday destination, Armenia offers ancient sites, a cultural heritage like no other and warm, welcoming hospitality. Armenia was the first Christian country in the world, so you will have plenty of ancient monasteries to visit during your travels. Explore the natural wonder of Mount Ararat, the mountain which shadows the capital city of Yerevan. Take a swim in Lake Seven and enjoy some of the oldest cuisines you will find in the Caucasus. If you are after a different pace of life with the added benefit of ancient ruins, then head to Armenia.


Iceland has held the crown of the most visited Nordic country for a while now, so while your friends are heading there, avoid the crowds and check out its neighbor Finland. The country is home to thousands of lakes and pristine fishing terrain, that even if you aren’t an avid angler, will be a dream to explore. With plenty of locations for skiing, offering an ideal place for the Northern Lights and even being home to Santa Claus, this country is making its own mark in the northern hemisphere.

Myanmar (Burma)

Also known as the Golden Land, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country that is finally starting to open up to the western world after decades under an oppression military regime. Due to this, the land is still relatively untouched by tourism, and you will not come across the droves of tourists you would typically see in Thailand. Think quiet temples, the Instagram worthy scenes of hot air balloons in Old Bagan, picturesque pagodas, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals only too happy to practice their English.

The Gambia

With a new president at the helm, Gambia is opening up to tourism in Africa’s smallest country. Boasting untouched safaris and the chance to see chimpanzees, hippos, and crocodiles, this country is the ultimate destination for animal lovers. There are also idyllic, unspoiled beaches, friendly locals, bustling street markets, and a lively atmosphere that is both welcoming and intoxicating. Forget South Africa or Namibia, Gambia has it all.


If you want to travel the Silk Road, now is your time. The country of Uzbekistan is relaxing its visa laws, and you can now arrange visas and flights to the country online. The country is working on opening up accessibility and travel routes with neighboring countries like Kazakhstan. Traveling to Uzbekistan is a bit like going back in time.

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Marvel at the Soviet-era architecture, mixed with ornate mosques and the bustling bazaars that will make you feel like you are experiencing the Silk Road of days gone by. Perhaps the most appealing reason to tour this country is that you’re likely to have it to yourself. Most tourists visit with a tour, and the numbers are still relevantly low. However, as the country opens itself up, this will change. Experience it now, before the crowds descend.


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