When one is going on a trip whether it is for professional reasons or for vacation, one books the ticket as soon as the dates are more or less finalized. What most of us don’t consider is how we will get to the airport. You can either take a taxi or ask your friend to drop you off. The majority will not think of going to the airport in their car. There is a big reason for this. No one wants to undergo the hassle of finding a parking spot for his or her car in the airport. As such they look for alternate solutions.

However, things have changed quite a lot in the last few years. Just like different new flights have been announced in the same way the car parking in the airport has also undergone a massive change. Both domestic and international airports offer different types of parking options that are priced according to the options they offer and the distance of the parking lot from the airport. The next time you are flying out why don’t you consider the following parking options?

Short Term Parking Lot: these are located very near to the airport. They are high on the convenience factor as they are very near to the terminal. But keep in mind that they are equally expensive. And as the name suggest they offer short-term parking. For example – if you are there in the airport to drop someone or pick someone up, then you should opt for it. We advise that you don’t park your car here for long term, as it might not be safe.

Daily Parking Lot: these parking lots are in-between short-term and long-term parking lots. Compared to the first one they are less expensive and compared to the latter one they are more expensive. This parking lot is near the airport terminal but you need to avail a shuttle from the parking lot to reach the terminal.

Long Term Parking Lot: as is evident from the name, the long-term parking Perth Airport is ideal for all those who have plans to park their car in the airport till the time they return. They are relatively cheaper as they are located at a distance from the airport. You need to take a shuttle to and fro from the airport to reach the parking lot. As far as the safety and security of your car are concerned there is nothing to worry about, as CCTV cameras are located at all important junctions.

There are a number of offsite companies that offer long-term parking at Perth Airport. They have a dedicated parking lot in the airport where you can park your car. All that you need to do is the book in advance. Just visit the website, place your order and make an online payment. On the appointed day, reach the airport and park the car at the designated place. The tension and stress of looking for a suitable parking space are taken care of and there is nothing for you to worry about.