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Getting Started on Your First Hiking Adventure

Getting Started on Your First Hiking Adventure

Getting Started on Your First Hiking Adventure – Always wanted to go hiking but unsure where to start? Worry not. Hiking is quite a straight forward activity to tackle in the outdoors. Hiking can take a person on a good, long walk in the countryside or on ascents through lush green hills – enabling them to travel, exercise and most importantly enjoy the scenery and take in some much-needed breaths of fresh, country air. Adventurists choose to hike for a number of reasons, some do it as a means of fitness and other’s just to experience the outdoors at its unrestricted best.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your hiking adventures:

1. Doing your research makes things easier

Hiking is not like a walk in the park. Deciding on a destination, where the trail will take you and what is the best time to do the hike, etc. are all important aspects to resolve before doing a hike. Reading on hiking and other people’s past experiences can definitely increase your sense of security for the activity itself. The challenges and the unforeseen moments of wonder faced by others will give you a hint of what to expect.

2. Fitness is key

A certain level of physical endurance is always required when you go hiking. Having what it takes physically to be able to survive and enjoy the entire hiking experience. You won’t be able to fully enjoy your hike if your body is suffering from aches and pains from a little physical exertion, through parts of the trip. Sometimes you will tend to make the mistake of exercising just your legs to prepare for a hike. Instead, you must focus on working the entire body and getting into shape. This will lead to a fruitful, non-aching experience.

Your First Hiking Adventure

3. Be sure of what you carry in your backpack

Now you may think you have already packed light, but soon into the hike, you hit an ascent and suddenly realize that you’re not traveling so light after all and that you should have left some of your stuff home. Always aim to pack only that which you need and try to anticipate the distance and terrain you’re are going to travel. A good backpack/duffle bag goes a long way in making the journey more convenient. Know your must-haves before you leave, be it the basic first aid, maps, etc. Good equipment can be found online, at stores like Wildcraft.in and other outdoor adventure brands.

4. Always leave a note to let people know where you are

Disappearing in the middle of nowhere and having no one know where to find you, is something nobody wants to go through. Always tell those closest to you where you are headed and give them a sense of what you have planned. Carry maps, because a GPS might not always work, out there in the wild. Should anything happen, make sure you have alternative supports that will help get you out of any mess.

5. Listen to your body

Finally, the moment has come to get the hike on its way. But make sure you listen to your body and are vigilant so you know that you are coping well with the pace and change in terrains. A first aid kit would just be handy and worth the extra pounds weight in your backpack.

A blogger by heart, writing is my passion, as is travel and photography. I’m tied up with brands such as Wildcraft, Quechua and lonely planet, to showcase some campaigns and unique adventures. My inherent love for travel and the need to chronicle those treasured memories is what led me to blog. Having blogged and used other social networking sites to share his experiences, eventually forced him to look extensively at the social media eco-system. I have a strong affinity to outdoor adventures such as mountain biking, trekking, rafting, and many more activities. My goal is to explore that which has not
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